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Solar Barn Raising Provides Solar to the Four Corners

Solar Barn Raising creates community-installed solar by providing a professional design for your home or business, and then working with you and volunteers to install your array!

This photo represents one of our many solar PV installations in the Four Corners region of the Southwest. Reach out to info (at) if you want to learn more!

Professional Design

Do you dream about solar on your home or business, but have concerns about cost, or want to be involved in the process because you have some skills? We can help you!

Solar Barn Raising was founded on the idea that homeowners, business owners, and nonprofit managers can be involved in the process to install solar electric on their rooftops. If you are interested in having support with design and installation, and want to be involved in learning along the way, reach out to us!

Community EmPOWERed

Do you envision a world where communities and neighbors can work together to support and promote sustainability? Our volunteer network is the life force of Solar Barn Raising.

Solar Barn Raising is able to lower the cost of labor for your solar installation by utilizing volunteer labor. This also helps us engage more people in the work and conversation around renewable energy! When you choose to do a project with us, you also have to volunteer to help 3 other people install their solar arrays, and so the network keeps building on itself over time. Some volunteers just never stop because they enjoy it so much. You can also reach out if you are interested to volunteer, but don't yet own your own home. Check out the Contact Page of the website.

Education Driven

We want more people to understand renewable energy and learn about installation.

Through our volunteer engagement and student internships, we help people learn more about designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems.

Feel free to reach out anytime!

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