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Installing Your Solar Power System

Solar Barn Raising:

Making DIY Solar a Reality

This slideshow outlines the ten steps involved in homeowner-installed solar power. Please review this slideshow prior to contacting us!


If you would like to see Solar Barn Raising in action before starting your own project, contact us to be added to the volunteer list!



Read everything on this website to decide if Solar Barn Raising is a good match for you.


Roof Height and Steepness

SBR does not work on steep roofs for the safety of our volunteers. Your roof must have good access and no more than moderate pitch.


HOA Rules

Does your Homeowners Association have any rules or restrictions regarding solar power?


Roofing Condition

Do you need to replace or repair your roof before installing solar? Is it stable enough for multiple people to be on it at once?


Moving Soon? 

Your payback period with SBR is about 8-12 years; if you are moving before that, solar may not be a good investment.


Roof Sun Exposure

Does your roof get sun all day? If not, do you have room for a ground-mounted system? Consider trees, buildings, and other objects in the area.


Participate in SBR

We (optionally) invite you to watch or participate with an installation so you have a thorough idea of how the process is done.

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